Property management – what is it all about?



Property management is as much about promoting the interests of tenants as it is protecting the interests of landlords.  The role is one of enormous trust and responsibility as it looks after assets that are the cornerstone of family investment, children’s education or retirement funding, whilst simultaneously providing safe and healthy home environments for tenants.

A property manager in NZ is seen as someone who has the skills and knowledge to select, appraise, finance, market, administer, manage and advise on all interests in property, rural and urban, commercial, institutional, retail, residential, recreational and leisure properties.

At Saltark Property Management, we’re able to see both sides of the coin and we specialise in managing residential properties in Auckland.  The discipline and diversity of our skills and experience is focused purely on this one sector of property, to the benefit of residential property investors and tenants alike.

Looking for an experienced property management team to manage your investment, but don’t know who to talk to? Contact us today on 021 201 1092 for a no-obligation free chat. We’ll talk through your situation and see how we can help.

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